๐ŸงชCreating Multiple Unit Tests

A quick guide of how to produce multiple unit tests.

On the home page, click Unit Test. This will open up a section to select files and write any additional notes you have for the generation. Select multiple files that you would like to have unit tests created against.

After clicking โ€œStart Jobโ€, your code will start to load in, with a review of the code on the right sidebar. After 30 seconds, your changes will load in and be ready for review.

After your changes have loaded, an optional Tour will appear in the bottom right. This is extremely useful if it is your first time on the platform.

Once your changes have loaded, the right sidebar will be populated with changes to review. You have two options on a change, either copy it and use it in your code directly with your own code editor, or Insert it into the existing code.

The workflow in DevGPT is to have files that you would like to make changes to, and then to Insert snippets of code or edits to the code to complete the task.

You can tab through the changes that have been made along the top, or via the sidebar. Clicking โ€œInsertโ€ will insert it into your original code, and after reviewing the changes are all correct; you can raise a pull request or branch from DevGPT.

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