๐ŸŽซSetting Up Jira Integration

A quick guide of how to setup the DevGPT Jira Integration.

There are two requirements before getting started with the Jira integration.

  • You have authorized Git via either GitHub or Bitbucket.

  • You are on either a trial or paid plan.

If all of this is complete, click 'Setup Jira' on the Topbar, then install the DevGPT Jira App on this link. Then enter your Jira email address and Jira domain URL, these can be found in your Jira account.

If the app is installed and the form is completed & saved, you will be able to go to Jira and begin using the Jira integration.

  • Jira Email Address: This is the email address you log into Jira with.

  • Jira Domain URL: This will be in the URL of your Jira account (e.g mycompany.atlassian.net)

  • Default Repo: The repo that you want to use via Jira.

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