๐Ÿ“–Quick-start tutorial

How to get started with DevGPT 2.3.0

Welcome to DevGPT! If you would like to get started, visit You can get started using a free trial, which includes access to our Jira integration.

1. Signing In

You can sign in or sign up in app, Sign In With Google is also available!

2. Authorising with Git

After signing in, you'll be prompted to authorise with Git.

  • GitHub: This will navigate you to GitHub, allowing you to install and authorise the app. This can be removed at any time!

  • Bitbucket: Generate an access token on Bitbucket, and enter the name and owner of a repo that you belong to. This will verify Bitbucket on your DevGPT account.

3. Start a trial or subscription

After authorising with Git you have a few options for setting up your DevGPT plan.

  • Upgrade: You can upgrade, this is handled by Stripe and will immediately activate.

  • I have a subscription: If you're a legacy user or are on a different email, you can use this option to get connect the accounts together.

  • Start 30 Day Free Trial: You can start your free trial at any time!

4. Selecting a repo

In the Topbar, click "Change Repo", this will open a sidebar that allows you to swap to any of your available repos.

5. Getting more guidance after signing in

Once you've signed in, you will see a few videos that will help you with prompting and connecting Jira.

6. Writing the best prompts

After selecting a type of task to run, you will be able to select relevant files to the task and provide extra detail.

7. Give feedback

At any time in app you can provide feedback by hitting "Feedback" in the Topbar.

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