A guide on writing performant and successful tasks for DevGPT.

Prompting via DevGPT Web Interface

DevGPT is engineered to assist software developers by automating the coding process for specified tasks. To maximize the effectiveness of DevGPT, here are some detailed guidelines for writing tasks:

  • Be Concise and Clear: Provide direct and specific instructions. Avoid overloading the context with unnecessary details that could lead to confusion.

  • Reference Specific Files: Clearly mention the file paths where changes are needed. For instance, use explicit references like src/pages/auth/index. This helps DevGPT to precisely locate and modify the correct files.

  • Detail Specific Functions or Components: If your task involves modifying or creating functions or components, mention their names explicitly. This specificity helps in ensuring accurate and targeted code changes.

  • Task Complexity Management: While DevGPT can handle a wide range of tasks, breaking down complex tasks into simpler sub-tasks can enhance efficiency and clarity.

  • Include Relevant Dependencies: If the task requires certain libraries or dependencies, mention them. This ensures that DevGPT includes all necessary resources in the code.

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